Job Searches in Atlanta – Post Your Resume on Craigslist!

Job Searches in Atlanta – Post Your Resume on Craigslist!

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It’s no doubt that today’s job market is tough. You could be the most experienced professional in your line of work and hold three degrees, but after sending out 50 resumes to 50 different companies, you haven’t even gotten so much as a bite on a potential lead. It has nothing to do with your lack of qualifications; it’s just the way the job market is. Employers all around the country are now going by the “it’s not what you know, but who you know” approach to hiring candidates. Atlanta, Georgia employers are no different.

There are several job search websites out there and that allow you to post your resume and apply for jobs for free. The problem is, these websites are over-populated and used by nearly everyone seeking a job. There is one website that allows you to do these exact same things, but the difference is that a lot of people still haven’t heard of craigslist. Craigslist Atlanta is a revolutionary tool that can help speed up your job search, and it is just as popular with employers as the others.

Craigslist is a website that was developed in 1995 as a research tool for the residents of San Francisco Bay. The site contains everything from items for sale to discussion forums to the latest job postings in your local area. It has expanded into the eighth most popular website and serves as one of Atlanta’s primary sources for job research. In fact, you can research the statistics and see for yourself the success rate of those who utilized craigslist Atlanta to find their dream job!

To post your resume on craigslist Atlanta, simply log onto and select Atlanta as your city. Once there, you will see a link at the bottom titled “Resumes”. Click that link and look at other resumes in comparison to your own. This will help you make yours even better. But remember that before posting on craigslist Atlanta, it is a good idea to run a spell check over your resume. You don’t want employers looking at your resume and thinking you aren’t even educated enough to correctly spell your resume. Craigslist Atlanta clearly explains how to easily upload your resume onto the site, and the best part is, it is free of charge and you can be rest assured that only Atlanta and local employers are viewing your credentials – not hundreds of others like the other job search websites.

After you’ve posted your resume, take a look at the hundreds of job listings available on craigslist Atlanta. No matter what your profession, you are sure to find jobs available in your area of interest. Craigslist Atlanta provides this service for free as well, and you can view and apply for as many listings as you wish. Keep in mind that many of Atlanta’s top-notch employers only post on craigslist Atlanta to find quality candidates! If you’ve tried other job search sites in the past without success, then try out craigslist Atlanta today.


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