What Makes Americans Hate Their Jobs? This Advice Turns That Epidemic Around

What Makes Americans Hate Their Jobs? This Advice Turns That Epidemic Around

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Here are the sobering facts: studies show that almost 70% of all employees dislike or downright hate their jobs. These dissatisfied, disillusioned people have no further career goals. Dreading the workday is a common heartache in millions of homes. Our job-hating crisis leads to lower productivity, adversely affects our economy, and — worst of all — causes strain on personal relationships.
So what’s the remedy for this epidemic? The answers are here and clear, according to sought-after career coach and author of The Dark Before the Dawn: 70 Secrets to Self-discovery, Theresa Castro. She offers a five step process that can change anyone’s career for the better. Here’s a quick summary:
1) Uncover the facts.
You should ask yourself, “How did I end up in my current job?” Too often, people end up in a career that they dislike because they heard that it paid well or perhaps their parents encouraged them to pursue a financially “safe” occupation such as accounting, medicine, law, engineering or law enforcement. In other cases, individuals decided to follow the same profession as their parents.
2) Understand what is keeping you in your current job.
You need to think about why you continue to stay in a career that you dislike or hate. Some people say that they have too much debt or a lifestyle to maintain while others say that they just simply rely on their steady paycheck.
3) Unleash the potential.
Ask yourself, “If I had one year to live and I could have any job, what would I do?” The answers to this question can be quite amazing and many times, we already know the answer to this question. However, we tend to ignore our hidden passions and dreams because we put limitations on ourselves. We think things like, “I won’t get paid as much” or “It will take me forever to start a new career or to start my own business. “
4) Update your resume and compare your skill set.
Dust off your resume and make notes of all of skills and talents that you have acquired over the years. Next, create an inventory of the resources and skills that you must possess in order to perform your dream career. With these two items in hand, compare them and make a final list of what you need to accomplish.
5) Undertake an action plan.
Take your list from step 4 and develop an action plan that outlines your desired goals. Breakdown larger goals into smaller goals and give yourself a deadline. Recognize that individuals only need to commit to one hour everyday to working on their plan. This one hour will give you the strength to keep the job that you hate while you work towards attaining a career that you love.
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